sur-ron light bee lbx

Sur-Ron Light Bee LBX Specifications

Motor 3000W
Battery 60V, 32Ah
Peak Power 6000W
Peak Torque 520Nm
Battery Type Lithium
Battery Life 500 Cycles (and then the capacity reduces step by step)
Cooling Method Air-Cooled
Range 95-100 Km
Top Speed 75 Kmph
Gear Ratio 1:7:6
Charging Time 2.5-3.5 hours
USB Connection USB-2.1 A Single Socket
Tyres 70/100-19 – Dual Disc
Tubeless Tyres Yes
Braking Type Standard
Seat Height 810 mm
Ground Clearance 270 mm
Weight 47 Kg plus battery
Max Load 100kg
Price in Nepal Rs. 6,80,000

sur-ron light bee lbx

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The space between motorcycle and bicycle was occupied by Segway Dirt eBike. Seway is a motorcycle that borrows technology from the electric bicycle realm.

Segway electric bikes has arrived Nepal with two models of Dirt eBikes – Sur-Ron Light Bee LBX and Segway X260 with a hefty price.

As per the reports, I Hub Pvt. Ltd. will be handling the authorized distributor in the Nepalese market for Segway products.

Sur-Ron Light Bee LBX Overview

Sur-Ron’s design ideology is to create incredibly light, highly responsive, off-road electric bikes that can be used to enjoy trails and open spaces in near silence, with virtually no environmental contact.

Sur-Ron’s Light Bee LBX Dirt eBike delivers 6,000 Watts of peak power with a top speed of over 75 Mph. The lightweight forged alloy frame houses a removable Panasonic Lithium-ion battery pack cells pushing out 60 V 32 A to the mid-mounted, air-cooled motor. Models are available for both on-road or off-road use, with suitable specifications adjusted to satisfy each environment.

sur-ron light bee lbx


Weighing in at a highly flickable 47 kg with an onboard sine-wave controller and reformative-braking, 4 pistons hydraulic Disc Brakes Front and Rear can rein in the power at all speeds. This fast Recharging of 2.5-3.5 hours (per battery pack), will keep you riding far harder and for much longer than your body may be ready for.

Sur-Ron Light Bee LBX Price in Nepal 

The Sur-Ron Light Bee LBX price in Nepal is Rs. 6,80,000.

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