Helmets fill the twin need of safety and style for all riders. The correct head protector(helmet) will discuss your attitude and character alongside ensuring you is a tough assignment without a doubt. These protective caps might be accessible in the selective bike or sports shop alongside different bike gearups, for example, bikes jackets and other bicycle attire.

We, at Bikemandu Nepal have done some style research and discovered some intriguing recommendations with the respects to helmet style.

The variety of helmets accessible in the market off the rack or on the web, is probably going to trouble you and ruin you for a second at any rate. The value extend fluctuates as does the style, quality and furthermore the plans. You can pick one according to your character and spending plan.


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While buying one simply make sure to keep safety as your need and don’t compromise on it. Choosing a helmet that suits your necessities best, requests entire parcel of examination and information regarding the matter. Think about the plans, highlights and expenses of different brands before making the payment.

The best bike caps will ensure your head, will spare your eyes from the brutal breeze, bugs, street trash, flying rocks just as cold and rain. In spite of the reality the upsides of this astounding item are many, you will discover a great deal in the network that discuss that wearing helmets on a reliable premise will cause going bald and hearing issue moreover. That’ s another large issue that we will analyse in future posts.


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Make sure to take note of the shades (color) of your helmet, motorcycle jackets and jeans and leather vests. Pick brilliant colors, for example, red an extra splendid fluorescent color. These colors are obvious a ways off and significantly lessen the probability of an accident.

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