Motorcycle maintenance tips

This is a guide for the beginners or for the people who have just bought their first bikes who do not have the proper knowledge to take care of their bikes yet. Instead of taking your bike to the service center for every little thing, here are some helpful tips for the maintenance of motorcycle to take care of them yourselves at home.

Checking the tires

For a bike to perform well, the bike needs to have a good set of tires and in proper condition due to the fact that the tires carry all the load when you are riding it on the road. The obvious thing you can do is to check the pressures in the tires if it’s enough and not too much. Checking the tire pressure weekly will be much efficient. All you need a pressure checker to do this and nothing more.

Battery maintenances

Battery is the one of the most important things for bike to perform well. Some of the obvious usage for the bike battery are for the horns, headlights, sidelights and taillights. So, it is very necessary to check the battery from time to time because you might not be able to find the problem just by glancing at it. If the battery is in bad condition, the lights could start to dim, the horns may not work or the sidelights just may stop working. So, you should check the battery condition time to time.

Motorcycle maintenance tips

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Cleaning the bike

First of all, it is not a good thing to keep your bike dirty because it does not look good and people may feel disgusted. Also, the dirt my get on your clean clothes. Second of all, the dirt collected in the bike may affect the clutch, brakes and air filters over time. The blockage in the air filter may cause the engine to heat up. So it is very necessary to clean the bike with a piece of cloth everyday if possible and clean the whole bike with water at least once a month.

Cleaning the Exhaust

If a dark smoke is coming out of the exhaust it could mean that the bike silencer may be in bad condition. The dark smoke may indicate many things like a lesser fuel quality or shortage of oil or blockage. If this type of problem is not dealt with, it could cause the problem in whole bike.

Taking care of the clutch and brakes

Clutch and brakes are without a doubt the two of the most important parts in a bike. It is impossible to ride a bike without a clutch, disc brakes and a brake shoe in proper condition. It is also crucial to make sure that the hand brakes are in the finest condition. It is very easy to learn how to mend the clutch and brakes at home with your own hands. You need to ensure that both the clutch and the brakes are tight and strong and not in a loose condition.

Hence these are some helpful tips for maintenance of the motorcycle.

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