GPX Racing Legend 200

In Nepal motorcycle market a new motorcycle name was entered in 2018, Gpx Racing, which is originating from Thailand. Three models will be released in Nepal in the coming year, the Gentleman 200, Legend 200 and Demon 150-GN, styled as a café racer and naked mini bike, respectively.

GPX Racing Legend 200

After launching on December 26, 2016, at the Bangkok Motor Show, Thai nationality GPX decided to send one of the 4 new models LEGEND 200 motorcycle in the classic sports market. This was the 38th Bangkok motor show. It created a buzz in the online world as well. It is one of the most successful and best-selling bikes of GPX Racing in the morden classic style that is popular in Thailand.

Specification of GPX Racing Legend

Legend 200 as displayed in the Bangkok motorshow has a length of 2010 mm wide 750mm high 1000 wheelbase 1340 mm seat height 790 mmm, the motorcycle weight is 155 kg.

The power of the LEGEND 200 is a 4-stoke single-Cylinder engine with a capacity of 197 ccs. The 6-speed manual transmission has a compression ratio of 9.00: 1 with an oil cooler system capable of a top speed of over 140km/h.

For the shape of the Legend and Gentleman 2017, it stuck to the retro style Café Racer, but with a morden feel to respond to the new generation of prospective buyers. The halogen headlights are still spherical, but there is a Day Light LED forming a ring surrounding the oil tank.

Another interesting fact is that the LEGEND 200 uses 17-inch wheels on the front and back. The front edge of the tire is 110/70, while the rear is 140070. The chain is the RK brand of the 560.

In addition to making braking denser, the GPX Legend 2017 also features a powerful front-facing suspension. The rear has a spoiler quality of the YSS. Both the front and back wheels feature a 17-inch tire with a disc brake.

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