Dashain offers on Bikes

Dashain also known as Vijaya dashami is regarded as one of the longest and most important festival in Nepalese calendar. It is the celebration of gods win over demons, good prevailing over evil. It is a fifteen day festival where people spend their time with family and love ones where children are set up to play in large swings and on the tenth day of the festival family members receive blessings from their elders in the form of tika(rice, yoghurt and red vermilion) on their forehead. Goddess Durga is worshipped in all her forms with numerous pujas, various offerings and hundreds and thousands of animal’s sacrifices for soaking the goddess for days in blood.

During this period various marketing companies witness the biggest sales of the year. So for this joyous occasion in our country various motorcycles companies and showrooms are providing people the opportunity to invest their money and get motorcycle in huge discount by providing excited offers and sales deals thus by which people will have more reasons to celebrate this occasion.

Bajaj Dashain Offer

Dashain offers on Bikes

Bajaj has offered the scheme of scratch card, where the customer will get two scratch cards with a chance to win cash prize ranging from Rs. 8,000 (minimum) to Rs. 1,00,000. The customer will receive one scratch card before purchase of bike and after purchase the customer will receive another scratch card. If a customer wins Rs. 10,000 he/she will receive the full cash prize. However, if the customer manages to win a cash prize above Rs. 10,000, he/she definitely receive Rs. 10,000 and 25% of the rest of the money will go to the Government.

For example, if a person wins Rs 15,000, he/she will receive Rs 10,000 and the 25% of the remaining cash, that is 25% of Rs 5,000 which equals to 1,250, will go to the government. In this case, the person will receive a total of Rs 11,250.

You also have a chance to win a normal (white color) helmet like Safteymate. The bikes don’t have any discount offers except the Scratch Cards. But you could get some discounts if you consult with the managers directly.

Hero Dashain Offer

With a Hero Honda bike, you will be receiving a direct cash discount of Rs 5,000 plus a scratch coupon. You could also get a chance to win a helmet with the Hero Honda bike.

Honda Dashain Offer

With every Honda bike you will receive a scratch coupon with a chance of winning a cash prize anywhere form Rs 4,000 (minimum) to Rs 1,00,000.

Other offers you could win are, the free service charge for five years on a Honda bike or, 10% discounts or five years and the company themselves will pay 1-year worth of road tax. You also have a chance to win a free helmet.

TVS Dashain Offer

Dashain Offers


TVS is coming up with a huge offer this year that is the exchange offer on any TVS bikes plus a cash amount of Rs 15,000. The offer also extends to 0% byaj on buying any TVS bike.

Other offer is the online offer, where, if you message them online you will automatically be participated for the cash prize which ranges from Rs 5,000 to Rs Rs 1,00,000. Customers are able to do that from the comfort of their own house. If a customer visits the showroom directly, he/she will receive a gift voucher. Customers could also participate in the lucky draw for the cash prize of Rs 1,000 – Rs 1,00,000. So, a customer has a chance to win the cash prize twice.

Customers can visit www.tvsnepal.com/dashain to win these amazing Dashain offers.

Crossfire Dashain Offer

Crossfire is coming up with a huge offer this year that the first 5 customers to purchases the GR7250 from each crossfire showroom will get accessories worth 15,000/- for free. The offer dosen’t ends here, the next 5 customers from each of our showroom will also get accessories worth 7,000/- for the GR7250 for free.

Also, one lucky GR7250 customer will get a chance to win an entire accessories set worth 55,000/-. The lucky customer’s name will be unveiled on Kartik 1,2076 (18 October)

Don’t miss this opportunity folks!

Contact our showrooms for the further details!

  1. Chakrapath, Maharajgunj – 01-4016062
  2. Ekantakuna, Lalitpur – 01-5532460
  3. Pokhara, Nayabazar – 061-533238/533709
  4. Butwal – 9851171705
  5. Chitwan, Narayanghat – 056-533909
  6. Nepalgunj – 081-551335
  7. Dharan – 9815399290
  8. Beni, Kalipur – 069-520327

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