Crossfire HJ250

Specification of Crossfire HJ250

Engine Type Single cylinder, 4 stroke, liquid cooled engine supported by a singled overhead camshaft (SOHC)
Power 30.15bhp @9000rpm
Torque 22.5nm @7000rpm
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Compression ratio 11:6:1
Bore x Stroke 77mm x 53.6mm
Front Suspension Telescopic, cartridge type, compression and rebound adjustable, 12.2 inch travel
Rear Suspension CNC linkage, spring reload with fully adjustable compression rebound, 11.81 inch travel
Front Brake 260mm rotor with twin piston
Rear Brake 240mm rotor with single piston
Fuel Capacity 10 litres
Fuel-system DC-CDI
Starting Method Electric and Kick
Gear Number 6-speed
Weight 109 kg
Ground Clearance  330mm
Seat height 940mm
Battery Type 12V 6Ampere
Head Light LED
Tail Light LED
Length 2320mm
Width 830mm
Height 1300mm

Crossfire HJ250


Here, we have got a new beast on the town of Crossfire which has been brought by the Official Distributor of Crossfire. Their dirt bike upgrade has been very loved and admired by youths. They have researched and upgraded from their previous version from XZ-250RR, NC250, GR-7 and many more. The new version of crossfire is Crossfire HJ-250. This new bike is made for both on and off-road. Crossfire HJ250 is a super light-weight Bike that is super dashing in looks and is somehow similar to KTM EXC 500 but the engine and the performance and the engine is the mixture of XZ-250RR, RM-250, GR-7, NC-250. The performance of the bike is super cool and more powerful than other crossfire models. The sound and the performance are super fine and the vibration of the bike cannot be found which makes easier for the rider for the long ride.

Crossfire HJ250

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This dirt bike is generally made more powerful than other bikes which is super cool in terms of the comfortableness and its ability to perform. Its carburetor is made in such a way that it gives better mileage in comparison with GR-7. Generally, other bikes have 5-speed gearbox but this bike generally gives 6-speed gearbox that helps you gain complete control over the machine and dictate the amount of power it generates. The bike has timsun tyres and hydraulic disc brakes on both its front and rear wheels (front: 260mm rotor with twin piston, rear: 240mm rotor with single piston) – allowing precise movements and braking.

Crossfire HJ250

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In the context of Nepal, the bike is super effective due to its landscape and the ground clearance is also pretty much good. The bike is super light in terms of its weight which gives a comfortable ride for the rider. The Suspension is supported on the front by a telescopic, cartridge type, compression and rebound adjustable, 12.2 inch travel, and on the rear by a CNC linkage, spring reload with fully adjustable compression rebound, 11.81 inch travel – which is going to be one of the major benefits for the riders. Overall this bike is super powerful and can perform better than other dirt bikes in the market.

Crossfire HJ 250 price in Nepal is set at Rs. 6,10,000.

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