Key Specification of Crossfire GR7 – 250

Displacement 249.6cc Liquid-cooled Engine
Mileage 30kmpl
Max Power 30.15 BHP
Torque 23 Nm
No. of gears 6
Fuel tank 10 L
Tires 3.0-21 inch(Front), 4.6-18 inch(Rear)
Braking Front Disc and Rear Disc (with Brembo Braking)
Seat Height 940 mm
Ground Clearance 330 mm
Kerb Weight(kg) 107 kg
Suspension Telescopic
Headlight Halogen
Tail Light LED
Turn Light LED
Brakes Wavy disc brakes


Today, we have got a new beast on town of Crossfire which has been brought by the Official Distributor of Crossfire i.e. Classic Wheels Export and Import Pvt. Ltd. Since very long, they have been bringing new dirt bike that has been loved and admired by youths. They have researched and upgraded from their previous version, XZ-250 and RM-250. The upgraded new version is Crossfire GR7-250cc. This new beast is made for both on and off-roads.


Let us directly jump toward the specification of this GR7-250cc. Crossfire GR7 has got 249.6cc liquid cooled engine, single cylindered,4- stroke which produces 30.15 BHP of power and maximum torque of 23 Nm. The liquid cooled engine of the bike contains a double radiator, air circulating radiators and coolant reservoir.

This Bike has got 6 feet gearbox and 10L of fuel tank. The front telescopic suspension is 300mm upside-down, rebound adjustable, which is a strong shock absorber. As well as, it has got linkage spring preload with fully adjustable compression rebound rear suspension of 120mm. And, both of the tires have disc brake fitted with Brembo braking.

GR7-250cc is lighter than the other versions. The frame is of carbon polyamide structure that makes the frame strong and light. It weighs 106.8 kg. The lighter weight of the bike helps for dirt biker for a nice and comfortable travel. The ground clearance of this bike is 330 mm. The braking section of this bike is more improved than the previous version.

For providing a cooler looks and design of this bike, different gears have been inserted. CNC Triple Clamp, Pillion Support Handrails, Skid Plate, Flexible Hoise Coils, Self-Cleaning Foot Pegs, Cubic Headlight are features that helps in its modern design. It also comes up with Halogen Headlight, LED tail lamp, LED turning lights, Upside-down Forks and Digital instrument display. Also, it has got Brembo braking system which is the most unique to new Crossfire GR7.

If you want to grab this new beast, its starting price is Rs. 5.19 lakhs in Nepal. It is currently available in all Crossfire Showrooms of Nepal.

Go grab it and feel the thunder.

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