Dirt Bikes

The reason of the dirt bikes to be favored by the younger generation is due to the comfortable suspension, high performance, powerful engine, attractive looks and body design of the bikes. These types of bikes are mainly useful for traveling long distance roads and some difficult roads or off-road trails because these bikes are usually made to handle a lot of damage. Usually the younger people have a special interest in dirt bikes due to the all-terrain feature.

However, the dirt bikes tend to be of higher price range. Dirt bikes can have a price range at about Rs. 3,50,000 or more in the Nepalese market. Most companies that produce the dirt bike have an even expensive price range. So, this article gives you a preview of some of the cheaper priced dirt bikes that are currently available in the Nepalese market.

Xpulse 200

The Xpulse 200 form Indian company, Hero, costs around Rs. 3,85,000 which was introduced in the Nepalese market only a few day ago. It has a single-cylinder 200-cc air-cooled engine with fuel injection that produces 18.4 PS of power at 8000 rpm and 17.1 Nm of torque at 6500 rpm. Its engine includes a 4-speed manual gears shifts. Going in to the dimensions of the bike, the length of the Xpulse 200 is 2222 mm, the width is 850 mm and the height is 1258 mm. It has a ground clearance of 220 mm and the wheel wash is about 1410 mm.

The Xpluse 200 is available in 4 different color variations which includes the red, black, gold and light Axis.

                                                      For MoreHero XPulse 200 
Runner Hawk

The bike to come out of company known as the Raman Motors is selling a 200-cc dirt bike at a cheaper price tag. The price of this motorcycle in the Nepalese market is about Rs.3,99,000. The bike has a 198.3 cc engine that generates a 12.7 Hp of power at 7500 rpm and a 14.5 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. When looking at the dimensions for the Runner Hawk, it has a length of 2090 mm, the width of 880 mm and the height of 1180 mm. It has a wheel wash of 1360 mm.

Honda XR125L

Honda’s dirt bike XR125L that is on sale in the Nepalese market is priced at Rs. 3,90,000, which is one of the cheapest in the market right now (as of 20 Dec, 2019). The XR125L has a single-cylinder four-stroke engine that produces a 10.40 Nm of torque at 3,000 rpm. The engine has a 5-speed manual gear shifts.

It has a length of 2100 mm, a width of 280 mm, height at about 1450 mm and the wheel wash of 1808 mm with a telescopic back and front swing arm suspension on the front side. It has a 12-liter capacity fuel tank, with other attractive features.

                                                        For MoreHonda XR 125
Yamaha XTZ 125

The dirt bike from the renowned company Yamaha, which is being sold by MAW Enterprises known as the XTZ 125 has a price tag of Rs. 3,99,100. This is the first off-road dirt bike Yamaha has brought to the Nepali market. This bike was first showcased at the last Nada Auto Show 2018.

It has a 124-cc air-cooled four-stroke engine, which delivers 12.33 Hp of power and 11.6 Nm of torque.

Dirt Bikes

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